It was really fun to spend time with friends and play sports together instead of playing video games. Frisbee is one of my favorite sports. I always play frisbee on Wednesday with my friends. Our coach is Teacher Chanda. He was so good at sports and he is also one of my favorite facilitators. I learned how to play frisbee since last 3 years. I start without knowing how to throw and how to catch the frisbee. But guys, that is not a really big challenge for you, the biggest challenge for you all is to practice throwing and catching it. The rules also just easy to remember but it requires you to run just like playing football.

(This is not picture of me)


Magic Trick Cards

Learning magic trick cards and trick other people is fun. Today is Thursday, November 29, 2018, and it is the second day that I have learned magic trick cards. Within two days I have learned more than 10 types of magic trick cards.
Before I have learned magic trick cards I feel like it is not a really cool subject to learn, but eventually, after I took a day of learning magic trick cards it has changed my mind. Also before I learned magic trick cards, whenever someone performs me a magic trick cards I feel like it is real and I believe them.
But actually not, magic does not exist. I am using a website called to learn magic trick card which is a really cool website to learn magic trick cards. And you can check out the website by clicking on this link.
Actually, you know why I love this website Because this website has included instruction, the trick, and the tutorial which is how to do it.  








Being a Photographer is the best, being a hater is the worth. The previous week, I have been learning about Videography and Photography in Multimedia class. It was really fun, and I have known a lot about the camera how to use it and more. When we are learning about Photography and Videography we don’t just learn about it we also use the real camera to take pictures and videos and practice using it. We also learned about the types of microphones. And for what I have learned from my teacher, she has taught me only two types of microphone yet, one is the Lavalier Microphone and another one is the Shotgun Microphone. 


Lavalier Microphone

Shotgun Microphone




Precious Plastics

Recycling Plastics is really fun and we also had helped to clean our environment. Previous month we went to Siem Rieb province to Naga Earth and Rehash Trash to learn about their recycling machines, recycling paper and we made some products. So went there on Monday morning and in the afternoon we went to Naga Earth to learn about Recycling oil, Recycling Plastic, Recycling Paper, etc. 





Previous month we went to CIS (Canadian International School) to play Football with other teams from other schools. And for this competition, we have the maximum players of 6 including goalkeeper,  girls, and boys. 
And we did it we made it to the final with CIA the home football team. 
And we beat them and we got the Trophy. Even though they are taller than us they are stronger than us but we made it. 


(Picture with some of our members 
the trophy from CIA)








I love to play sports. I love to play basketball and it is one of my favorite sports in the world. Lebron James is one best basketball player in the world. Lebron James inspired me to play basketball and I did. I have started to play basketball since I was 11 years old. The previous month, some of our Liger students went to CIS (Canadian International Scool) to play basketball Champion League. For Liger students we have only one week to train as a day per hour and most of us do not really know a lot about the rules and stuff and how to play it. But, that was not a really big problem for us because we all train together after school end. And we didn’t make it to the final but we made it to the semi-final which is really good because of other students from other schools they train a lot and we passed them so Liger did a really great job. By the way, I want to practice some skills for my basketball and I did some but most of them I was failed.


Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James moves the ball up court during the first half of an NBA preseason basketball game against the Sacramento Kings in Los Angeles, Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)




STEM is one of my favorites subject for school. I love to study about the STEM. We have been learning a lot of things in STEM like The World of Science, Scientific Research and TechnologyIntroduction to Matter, States of MatterAtomsPeriodic Table, and now we are learning about Chemical Bonding. It is kind of stressful if you don’t like science and you are learning about science. I mean everybody can learn any subjects in school if they want to but if they are not passionate about believe me it won’t work for 50%.

So actually in STEM class, we use a website called CK-12 to learn about science (STEM). They might be a little difficult for you but if you know it I mean 90% of the lesson you will understand.






It is really fun and really stressful this time. The fun things are that we have learned a lot of new things about math. The stressful thing is that I got stuck with the problem. The problems are really easy if you know it, but because I don’t know it that’s why I really stuck and got stress in my head. The subject that makes me really stressful is Algebra. Some students love Algebra and some students do not and it is not their mistakes. Some students think that it is really helpful for them but some they think it is really helpful too but they just don’t like it and use other ways to do the problem.


Math is fun, math is sad, math is bad math is good it depends on how you feel to learn math. For me, I actually don’t really like math but all I have to do is to learn it. From one day to one day, math makes me feel better, math makes me feel a lot of pressure from school work. Right now math has become one of my favorites subject to learn in school.

I love learning math, especially with kindness teachers like Samatha. This year I have been learning Singapore math 5A books for grade 8. The books have many exercises to do, some are fun some are likely sad.

This is the Singapore math 5A book.

In math class, we are not just learning math in the book we also use online programs and activities. One of the programs that we use to learn math is called Khanacademy

Khanacademy is fun you also can find other online courses lessons and practice your skill.

This is a picture of Khanacademy exercise about fraction.

List of Sites, Programs and Activity Online I learn in Math.


Congruent shapes game:

tesselation practice with a silly story: 





The class that makes me sad, the class that makes me cheerful, the class that makes me unforgettable it is called Khmer Class. In a past few weeks, in Khmer class, we have been researching and writing a poem about teaching and education for Bookfair 2018. I am so happy to write a poem for Bookfair.My poem is about protecting our Cambodia land and comparing between life and things.

This is another poem that I have written since last year in Khmer class, and it is about how parents are and how they feel. And the below section is the poem, please enjoy it. (It is written in Khmer)


                            កំណាព្យខ្មែរ បទពាក្យ៧  

១០ខែ១០ថ្ងៃក្នុងផ្ទៃម្ដាយ                                         អ្នកម៉ាក់ឆោមឆាយលំបាកទេ

លោកប៉ាក៍លំបាកណាស់ដែរ                                  ខំប្រឹងភ្ជួរស្រែដើម្បីកូន។

កូនធំម្ដាយខ្ញំុតែងមើលថែ                                     កូនតូចផងដែរថែរហូត

មួយថ្ងៃៗមិនដែលត្អូច                                              ព្រោះខ្លាចរូបកូនមិនសប្បាយ។

ខ្ញំុធំម្តាយខ្ញំុរឹតលំបាក                                                ការងារស្កេកស្កាករៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃ

ខ្ញំុពង្រាយរញ៉េរញៃរ                                                       ឯអ្នកម្ដាយថ្លៃចាំរៀបតរ។

ម្ដាយពុកខ្ញំុល្អគ្មានអ្នកផ្ទឹម                                     ហើយល្អបែបហ្នឹងទើបអាចតរ

ពូជពង្សត្រកូលឱ្យបានល្អ                                       ឱ្យបានបវតតំណែល។

ម្ដាយធ្វើការហត់ដើម្បីកូន                                       ហូរញឹសទាំងក្បូនមិនត្អូញត្អែរ

រូបកូនដឹងហើយក៌ប៉ុន្តែ                                           កូនមិនពូកែមានកេរ្ត៍័ឈ្មោះ។

ឪពុកម្ដាយខ្ញុំរក្សាទ្រព្យ                                                 ទុកឱ្យជាប់លាប់ដើម្បីល្លោះ

បំណុលដែលកូនធ្លាប់មានឈ្មោះ                               ដែលជាមនុស្សងោះដើរលួចគេ។

ដល់ពេលធំឡើងធំដឹងក្ដី                                             បានយល់ពីអ្វីដែលម្ដាយធ្វើ

រាល់គ្រប់ទង្វើដែលម្ដាយសាង                                   គឺដើម្បីម្យាងជាកូនថ្លៃ។