Some people think that coding is fun for them but some people also think that coding is boring. For me, it’s really boring for me. It’s not because of the way that teacher teach me but, it’s because of my feeling I don’t like it. This round we’ve learned about Python Conditionals and If Statements. Inside the Python Conditionals and If Statements we also have more like For Loops While Loops and more. It was so boring for me sometimes I don’t get it sometimes I got it and because sometimes I was on the trip so I have to do a lot of catch up for the all the lesson. I did not expect that it was this hard for me. It was so confusing because before I learned Python I had learned another coding language called JavaScript. I hope that one day I might be better at it than the other subject. 
          In the class we also did some practice like after we learned Python we did an exercise about it and it goes really good I love it. It does not mean that I hate it, I just don’t like it for some reasons and because it’s hard.






Bamboo exploration is the very first exploration I have done. We learned a lot about the bamboo. For the first week, we are just sitting in class and learn about the bamboo, watch some videos about the bamboo with our teacher Sushi. But after that, we have started to brainstorm with our team to create some products. After we brainstorm with our team about the products that we are going to create already, we decided to talk to our teachers about the products that we are going to create and our prove about what we are doing and we just start to create it. The actually did not recycle the bamboo but we buy and use the new one because after we finish the products, there might be the peace that left so we can recycle it. The products that our student have created is Bamboo lamp, Keychain, Bamboo Pot, and a lot more. We spent almost 4 weeks on the products and now there is only one week left so we decided to stop because we think that we have enough products to sell for our little small market. The week left our teacher divided us into small teams for the Sharation which people come from outside and see what we are doing.
I am doing a survey for the Bamboo and some of my friends doing to market and some of them are doing some play and it was really fun. After we finish our market it was like all of our products have sold because many people really like our products. We got around 100$ so we decided our team should have a movie night with popcorn at our teacher house. And we have a movie night at our teacher house (Sushi) The movie was free because he put the slide show and we also have some Pizza popcorn and some drinks like orange soda.

Liger Geography Accesories

The idea of this exploration is to create a board game for our Liger Geography Books. We spent a lot of time together to create a board game. We decided to divide our whole exploration into two teams. Each team has to come up with an idea of a board game and create a prototype of it. So after both teams finish the prototypes they and have a look at each other and explain each team the rules, how to play it, how many people can play etc…. After we finish the explanation and we test the game we combined those two into one. So now we don’t have two teams anymore we have only one big team with 16 students create a board game for the Geography books. After we finish we want to print out our board game but the problems are that we have to spend a lot of money on it so we decided not to print it out but for the prototype that has created we can still keep it, try it and play it when we have free time. 


STEM class is really fun right now, especially when we are having an experiment with our teacher or other teachers from outside Liger. Previous month we did an experiment with our teachers with put a rock into coke and we all watch what will react between coke and rock. Yesterday we did an experiment with a Master Engineer called Mark, which we all have to build a sand castle and the castle that can hold the most book will win. 



It was really fun to spend time with friends and play sports together instead of playing video games. Frisbee is one of my favorite sports. I always play frisbee on Wednesday with my friends. Our coach is Teacher Chanda. He was so good at sports and he is also one of my favorite facilitators. I learned how to play frisbee since last 3 years. I start without knowing how to throw and how to catch the frisbee. But guys, that is not a really big challenge for you, the biggest challenge for you all is to practice throwing and catching it. The rules also just easy to remember but it requires you to run just like playing football.

(This is not picture of me)


Magic Trick Cards

Learning magic trick cards and trick other people is fun. Today is Thursday, November 29, 2018, and it is the second day that I have learned magic trick cards. Within two days I have learned more than 10 types of magic trick cards.
Before I have learned magic trick cards I feel like it is not a really cool subject to learn, but eventually, after I took a day of learning magic trick cards it has changed my mind. Also before I learned magic trick cards, whenever someone performs me a magic trick cards I feel like it is real and I believe them.
But actually not, magic does not exist. I am using a website called to learn magic trick card which is a really cool website to learn magic trick cards. And you can check out the website by clicking on this link.
Actually, you know why I love this website Because this website has included instruction, the trick, and the tutorial which is how to do it.  








Being a Photographer is the best, being a hater is the worth. The previous week, I have been learning about Videography and Photography in Multimedia class. It was really fun, and I have known a lot about the camera how to use it and more. When we are learning about Photography and Videography we don’t just learn about it we also use the real camera to take pictures and videos and practice using it. We also learned about the types of microphones. And for what I have learned from my teacher, she has taught me only two types of microphone yet, one is the Lavalier Microphone and another one is the Shotgun Microphone. 


Lavalier Microphone

Shotgun Microphone




Precious Plastics

Recycling Plastics is really fun and we also had helped to clean our environment. Previous month we went to Siem Rieb province to Naga Earth and Rehash Trash to learn about their recycling machines, recycling paper and we made some products. So we went there on Monday morning and in the afternoon we went to Naga Earth to learn about Recycling oil, Recycling Plastic, Recycling Paper, etc. It was really fun. We are not just learning we also had to create some products with some workers there and with our friends. So after the trip end, we had back school and we a day on Wednesday that we can share what we have learned to our friends and our facilitator. Not just to share we also have created so many products for our little small market where our friends or anyone interesting in our products can come and check out some new products made out of plastic or maybe they want to help us to recycle plastic so they can buy it. So our products made out of plastic that people throw away and some recycling stuff. So we did not buy the plastic bags to create new products, we just go around our campus and collect plastic that we saw on the ground or anywhere that we can use. So the idea of the Precious Plastic exploration is to create a plastic recycling machine but we fail to do it because the problem is that we don’t have much money for those machines, and another problem which one of the biggest problem is that it can cost our life. That’s why we decided not to create it, but instead, we try to collect plastics and recycle it by our hand.





Previous month we went to CIS (Canadian International School) to play Football with other teams from other schools. And for this competition, we have the maximum players of 6 including goalkeeper,  girls, and boys. 
And we did it we made it to the final with CIA the home football team. 
And we beat them and we got the Trophy. Even though they are taller than us they are stronger than us but we made it. 


(Picture with some of our members 
the trophy from CIA)








I love to play sports. I love to play basketball and it is one of my favorite sports in the world. Lebron James is one best basketball player in the world. Lebron James inspired me to play basketball and I did. I have started to play basketball since I was 11 years old. The previous month, some of our Liger students went to CIS (Canadian International Scool) to play basketball Champion League. For Liger students we have only one week to train as a day per hour and most of us do not really know a lot about the rules and stuff and how to play it. But, that was not a really big problem for us because we all train together after school end. And we didn’t make it to the final but we made it to the semi-final which is really good because of other students from other schools they train a lot and we passed them so Liger did a really great job. By the way, I want to practice some skills for my basketball and I did some but most of them I was failed.


Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James moves the ball up court during the first half of an NBA preseason basketball game against the Sacramento Kings in Los Angeles, Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)